Supporting local tourism since 1991

The promotion of tourism, which we have been involved in for 30 years, is based on two pillars: experience and innovation. It is also, and perhaps above all, a combination of a professional offer with a great passion, without which the undertaken activities would be devoid of commitment and creativity.

We support entrepreneurs and the local government sector by providing them with the tools necessary to create an attractive, unique tourist offer.

Development and constantly expanding offer of our agency resulted in the creation of the ZART Group. The brand, which is now part of the group, mainly deals with participation in tenders related to initiatives supporting regional tourism, as well as publishing and event activities.


We have been organizing the Travel and Leisure Festival “Piknik nad Odra” since 2005. The event takes place at the Odra riverfront in Szczecin. Thanks to the location close to Berlin, companies, and regions from Germany as well as places coordinated with airports in the German capital are happy to present themselves in the trade fair zones. The number of people who participate in the festival is constantly growing. In 2019 alone, we had 200 exhibitors and almost 100,000 visitors.

We button up even the most complex, multi-day conferences. We have experience in organizing prestigious business and academic events. We are regular partners of Gremium Ekspertów Turystyki – an event that is a platform of cooperation between the Polish tourism industry, academic society, and local authorities.

Our events are organized comprehensively with the utmost attention to detail. We are prepared to co-organize other events with or for the client.

We comprehensively prepare exhibition stands for our clients. We prepare the concept of the exhibition stand and deal with its service.


We have been operating as a tourist publishing house continuously since 1991. We publish a tourist guide for Western Pomerania, for two years published under the name Discover Pomerania.

It is a guide to attractions, accommodation, and places worth visiting. The catalog is presented at travel trade fairs throughout the country and distributed by the West Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization and the Polish Tourist Organization – also abroad. Discover Pomerania shows a range of ideas for relaxation and travels around the region.

We have published several educational materials for teachers and tourist staff, such as guides and pilots. We have written many travel books about Western Pomerania. In addition to our own publications, we operate on behalf of the offices of local government units, associations, and companies.


In the beginning, our courses were addressed mainly to the tourism sector, but over time we had to expand their scope. Today we organize vocational courses in the field of tourist service, management, and marketing. The classes are conducted by people recognized in the industry. They are long-term practitioners who care about the substantive level of the classes. Acquired skills and competencies are confirmed by certificates signed by organizations recognized in the industry.

We provide not only the best teaching staff but also comprehensive educational materials. As Centrum Szkoleń Turystycznych, we conduct both commercial courses, as well as co-financed from various projects.